RADIO JOPIX CB-514 W/ CAR KIT - Pedro Nevada

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The Jopix CB-514 car kit allows you to use this portable equipment as a mobile radio in your carmotorhome4x4 or truck, as it includes, as additional accessories: cigarette lighter socket adapter with connection for external antenna and fixing bracket. So, you can also use the CB-514 outside vehicle with its included 25 cm BNC antenna.

The Jopix CB-514 is a CB Walkie that stands out for its large LCD screen, advanced features and the clarity of its sound thanks to its NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) technology. This portable CB station allows you to communicate in AM and FM modes in the entire 27 MHz CB frequency range. Being multi-standard, it can operate in several frequency bands used in different countries in Europe.

The Jopix CB-514, via the «FUNC» key, allows you to quickly access important adjustments such as keyboard tonesRoger Beep and VOX levels, as well as Squelch ASQ and SQ adjustments (5 and 25 levels, respectively), which, together with the monitor function, will allow you to listen to the current channel without transmitting. Furthermore, thanks to its noise cancellation system (NCR), you will enjoy high-performance operation with exceptional reception quality.

Furthermore, the CB-514 is a versatile device for use on trips and travelings outside the vehicle, as you can also charge its battery directly through its USB-C port using the included adapter or any other charger with a USB output (minimum output 1000 mAh).



- MULTI-STANDARDS, with channels authorized in each EU country.

- Frequencies: 26.565 MHz to 27.405 MHz

- Mode: AM/FM

- Large 4-line LCD screen

- Output power: 4 W / 1 W

- NRC (advanced Noise Reduction Circuit) technology

- ASQ (Automatic Squelch)

- VOX (Hands-free communications)

- Channel search

- 1 W speaker

- 2-pin accessory plug (Kenwood type)

- Signal and battery status indicator

- Power supply at 12 V and 5 V USB-C


This equipment contains:

- CB-514 portable transceiver

- Li-Ion battery 7.4 V and 1800 mAh

- Antenna with BNC plug

- Waist clip

- 12 V power supply kit with external antenna plug

- Adhesive bracket

- 220 V AC adapter with USB output

- USB-C cable

- User manual in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Polish

Pedro Nevada

Pedro Nevada